Rapid Modernization of Java Applications

Rapid Modernization of Java Applications
Rapid Modernization of Java Applications is published by in October 2017. This book has 528 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0071842037.
Learn cutting-edge techniques and processes to systematically and strategically modernize legacy Java applications with predictability, consistency, and confidence. This Oracle Press guide offers an innovative blueprint that empowers corporate management teams to better understand necessary technical requirements and enables Java architects and developers to better align with agile business needs. Rapid Modernization of Java Applications: Practical Business and Technical Solutions for Upgrading Your Enterprise Portfolio contains modernization approaches that offer end-to-end Java application portfolio visibility so that application modernization projects can stay on-schedule and within budget.
•Explore the in-depth components of a Java modernization solution
•Create, manage, and evolve custom application portfolios
•Craft compelling business cases and learn how to estimate costs and identify risks
•Use architectural decomposition techniques to eliminate technical and functional redundancies
•Migrate, enhance, maintain, and modernize legacy applications to service-oriented architectures
•Formulate and execute a comprehensive modernization roadmap
•Visualize the application portfolio along multi-dimensions
•Build automation tools that are geared toward Java architects and developers
•Transform traditional Java applications into REST services and microservices
•Establish metrics and KPIs to implement a resilient governance framework
•Undertake large-scale modernizations to accelerate business transformations

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