The Ocean Is Alive

The Ocean Is Alive
The Ocean Is Alive is published by in April 2016. This book has 246 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0473352608.
The Ocean covers over 70 percent of our planet’s surface and accounts for 97-99 percent of the liveable biosphere. She is the cradle of our existence and the heart of our blue home, a vast, living and breathing superorganism. The Ocean Is Alive is first and foremost a celebration of the Ocean in all her living splendour. It takes the reader on a fascinating and informative voyage of discovery into the blue heart our planet, from the Ocean’s formation more than four billion years ago and the emergence of life deep below her surface, to the incredible diversity and exuberance we know today. But much more than this, it is a journey of discovery into Ocean consciousness: through the evolution of the senses, the emergence of sentient behaviour, and finally an intriguing exploration of what the author calls ‘Ocean Mind’. In telling the Ocean’s story Glenn Edney draws on his thirty years experience as an Ocean ecologist, underwater naturalist and professional diver to take us beyond the science and into the depths of what it is like to be an Ocean being. Using a combination of personal experience, stories and insights from others, along with guided visualizations, the author weaves a highly readable and thought provoking tale of an Ocean alive to itself, and alive to anyone willing to ‘take the plunge’. But no contemporary story of the Ocean would be complete without investigating the current threats to the Ocean’s wellbeing. In addressing these issues the author presents a compelling case for recognition of the Ocean as a living being with intrinsic value far beyond the benefits she provides humanity, and offers a new vision for our relationship with the living Ocean.

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