Accounting and Finance for Managers

Accounting and Finance for Managers
Accounting and Finance for Managers is published by in July 2014. This book has 488 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0749469139.

Accounting and Finance for Managers is specifically designed to improve analytical skills and help both students and managers use accounting and finance tools for managerial advantage.

With emphasis on learning by doing and worked examples throughout each chapter, it provides concise coverage of all the core topics including: basic bookkeeping, financial analysis, business planning, cash flow and investment decisions.  Balancing the needs of evaluation and theory with practical real-world applications, this book is ideal for self-study as well as classroom learning.  Students and managers will learn how to:

–prepare a set of basic financial statements
–understand financial accounting information
–grasp the relevant underlying theory
–interpret profit and cash budgets and identify potential problems
–identify appropriate pricing strategies to fit different market needs
–incorporate financial evaluation into operational decision making and problem solving

With full supporting resources and a breakdown of how each chapter relates to course structures, Accounting and Finance for Managers explains how to use accounting knowledge for making operational and management decisions.

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