Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation
Export/Import Procedures and Documentation is published by in February 2015. This book has 640 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0814434758.

The details of international business are growing more complex by the day – and even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in need of guidance. This comprehensive answer book supplies readers with a clear view of the entire export/import process, explaining the ins and outs of shipping and insurance; payment mechanisms; distributors vs. agents; customs and export control requirements; and transportation issues. Featuring dozens of sample contracts, procedures, checklists, and ready-to-use forms, Export/Import Procedures and Documentation is an authoritative voice in the ever-changing, often confusing world of international laws and regulations. The revised fifth edition contains new and expanded information on topics including: corporate oversight and compliance; valuation; The Export Control Reform Act; Licensing requirements and exceptions; International Commerce Trade Terminology; The shifting definition of “Country of Origin”; and, specialized exporting and importing. Thorough and accessible, this trusted resource provides readers with the tools they need to manage supply chain dynamics around the world, and keep everything organized, up-to-date, and above board each step of the way.

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