Beyond the Sales Process

Beyond the Sales Process
Beyond the Sales Process is published by in April 2016. This book has 288 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0814437155.

The average executive spends less than 5 percent of their time engaged in the buying of products and services. This means that in this post-recession business environment, sales professionals who focus solely on the moment of the sale have made a fatal miscalculation.

Featuring instructional case studies from companies including Hilton Worldwide, Merck, and Siemens, this evidence-based book provides readers with a proven methodology for driving success before, during, and after every sale. Embracing the entire customer life cycle, Beyond the Sales Process reveals 12 essential strategies, including:


  • Research your customer
  • Build a vision with them for their own success
  • Understand your customers’ drivers, objectives, and challenges
  • Effectively position and differentiate
  • Create and realize value together
  • Leverage your results to forge lasting—and mutually beneficial—relationships

Reinforced by research from Aberdeen Group, SAMA, ITSMA, and other experts, this book will help you to grow with your customers—and take your sales performance to a whole new level.

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