Dear Evil Tester

Dear Evil Tester
Dear Evil Tester is published by in March 2016. This book has 172 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0956733276.

“Dear Evil Tester” contains advice about testing that you won’t hear anywhere else. “Dear Evil Tester” is a three pronged publication designed to: – provoke not placate, – make you react rather than relax, – help you laugh not languish. Starting gently with the laugh out loud Agony Uncle answers originally published in ‘The Testing Planet’. “Dear Evil Tester” then provides new answers, to never before published questions, that will hit your beliefs where they change. Before presenting you with essays that will help you unleash your own inner Evil Tester. With advice on automating, communication, talking at conferences, psychotherapy for testers, exploratory testing, tools, technical testing, and more.

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