iOS Games by Tutorials

iOS Games by Tutorials
iOS Games by Tutorials is published by in December 2014. This book has 804 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-0989675161.

Learn how to make iOS games using Apple’s built-in 2D game framework: Sprite Kit. Through a series of mini-games and challenges, you will go from beginner to advanced and learn everything you need to make your own game!

iOS Games by Tutorials covers the following topics:

    • Sprites: Get started quickly and get your images onto your screen.
    • Manual Movement: Move sprites manually with a crash course on 2D math.
    • Actions: Learn how to move sprites the “easy way” using Sprite Kit actions.
    • Scenes and Transitions: Make multiple screens in your app and move between them.
    • Physics: Add realistic physics behavior into your games.
    • Beyond Sprites: Add video nodes, core image filters, and custom shapes.
    • Particle Systems: Add explosions, star fields, and other special effects.
    • Adding “Juice”: Take your game from good to great by polishing it until it shines.
    • Accelerometer: Learn how to control your game through tilting your device.
    • UIKit: Combine the power of UIKit with the Sprite Kit framework.
    • Mac: Learn how to port your games to the Mac!
    • Tile Maps: Make games that use tile maps.
    • Scrolling: Make levels that scroll across the screen.
    • And much more, including: Fonts and text, saving and loading games, and six bonus downloadable chapters!

The iOS Tutorial Team takes pride in making sure each tutorial we write holds to the highest standards of quality. We want our tutorials to be well written, easy to follow, and fun. And we don’t want to just skim the surface of a subject – we want to really dig into it, so you can truly understand how it works and apply the knowledge directly in your own apps.

By the time you’re finished reading this book, you will have made 5 complete mini-games from scratch, from zombie action to space shooter to top-down racer!

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