Photovoltaic Sources Modeling

Photovoltaic Sources Modeling
Photovoltaic Sources Modeling is published by in March 2017. This book has 208 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1118679036.

This comprehensive guide surveys all available models for simulating a photovoltaic (PV) generator at different levels of granularity, from cell to system level, in uniform as well as in mismatched conditions. Providing a thorough comparison among the models, engineers have all the elements needed to choose the right PV array model for specific applications or environmental conditions matched with the model of the electronic circuit used to maximize the PV power production.

Key features:

  • Multiple mathematical models are given for different application requirements.
  • The shading effect is taken into account to improve the model accuracy.
  • Procedures for parameter identification of the PV model are analysed and compared.
  • Mathematical manipulations are introduced to some models to reduce their calculation time.
  • The electronic interface effect on the power chain is analysed.
  • Analytical expressions are used to design and control the power converter driving the PV field.

The book is an essential reference for R&D in the PV industry; designers of power converters for PV; PV systems designers; and practicing engineers.

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