AutoCAD For Dummies

AutoCAD For Dummies
AutoCAD For Dummies is published by in May 2016. This book has 544 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1119255796.
  • Create an AutoCAD project from the ground up
  • Make basic drawings starting with straight lines and curves
  • Jump into advanced drawing with 3D modeling

Here’s the easy way to learn AutoCAD

AutoCAD may be complex, but this book is not! This expert author shows you how to navigate the interface, set up a project, create drawings, manage properties, and enhance your designs with text and dimensions. Once you master the basics, he’ll guide you through advanced tools such as blocks, arrays, and xrefs, all the way to 3D modeling.


  • How to start a drawing
  • Methods of viewing work
  • All about lines and curves
  • Tools for editing drawings
  • Techniques for adding text
  • Pointers on plotting
  • Help handling parametrics
  • Steps for 3D modeling
  • Useful system variables

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