Windows 10 For Dummies

Windows 10 For Dummies
Windows 10 For Dummies is published by in August 2016. This book has 456 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1119311041.

Windows 10 keeps your PC running, organizes your files, and provides a platform to run your important applications. In short, it’s the brain and heart of your computer. Grab this book to get to know Windows 10 a little better. Fully updated to cover the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this guide offers simple steps and friendly advice to help you take control of Windows 10. Learn how to manage files and applications, connect to the Internet, customize Windows 10, and make repairs when things go haywire.


  • Explore the Start menu
  • Decipher the desktop
  • Cruise the web
  • Anniversary Update changes
  • Play music and games
  • Fiddle with photos
  • Socialize with mail
  • Get troubleshooting help

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