Pro iOS Persistence: Using Core Data

Pro iOS Persistence: Using Core Data
Pro iOS Persistence: Using Core Data is published by in November 2014. This book has 388 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1430260288.

Pro iOS Persistence explains how to build apps in Objective-C and Swift that persist and use data most effectively including the popular Core Data framework. Covering common and advanced persistence patterns, this book prepares any iOS developer to store and retrieve data accurately and efficiently.

This book starts by giving you a solid grounding in Core Data, providing a foundation for the rest of the book. With this knowledge, you’ll have all you need to master Core Data and power your data-driven applications. You’ll see how to work with SQLite and how to create an efficient data model to represent your data. Once you’ve established your data model, you’ll learn how to work with data objects and refine result sets to get the most out of the stored data.

The advanced portions of the book begin by showing you how to tune your apps’ performance and memory usage, to give you a truly professional edge. You’ll see how to version and migrate your data as well, to ensure your data stays organized and efficient. Finally, the book covers managing table views with NSFetchedResultsController.

What you’ll learn

  • How to persist data using the iOS SDK, Xcode, Core Data and more
  • How to organize data appropriately
  • How to persist data efficiently
  • How to effectively use Apple tools
  • How to build Core Data applications
  • How to use Core Data in advanced settings
  • How to version and migrate data as your applications evolve
  • How to tune and optimize persistence

Who this book is for

This book is for iOS app developers who have some experience building iPhone or iPad apps. Recommended reading before using this book: Beginning level iOS books.

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