The Right to Die

The Right to Die
The Right to Die is published by in January 2017. This book has 368 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1440843112.

This book provides a comprehensive and contemporary examination of the right-to-die issues facing society now that vast improvements in public health care and medicine have resulted in people not only living longer but taking much longer to die―often in great pain and suffering.
• Provides readers a clear picture of the complexity of the right-to-die controversy as it has emerged in the courts and in the political branches of state and federal governments

• Presents perspectives written by advocates for and against the right to die that give personal insight into the reasons for their positions

• Supplies a selection of primary source documents that represent viewpoints from both sides of the right-to-die controversy

• Includes a fully annotated chapter that provides readers with secondary resources such as books, journal articles, and medical reports with which to explore the issue further

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