Ricardo’s Slow Cooker Favourites: From Lasagna to Creme Brulee

Ricardo’s Slow Cooker Favourites: From Lasagna to Creme Brulee
Ricardo’s Slow Cooker Favourites: From Lasagna to Creme Brulee is published by in January 2013. This book has 229 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1443424059.


The “Contents” page is weird: it doesn’t list recipes by chapter or theme; it doesn’t give you a hint as to where to look inside this book for any particular cooking-topic; it refers just to cooking hints. Just go directly to the “Index” at the end of the book, which, provides “chapters” by category, as follows:

Appetizers: honey chicken wings; orange-braised beet salad.

Soups: beef and chickpea soup; cream of butternut squash soup; seafood and fish soup with fresh herbs; and 3 more.

Vegetables and side dishes: blue cheese dip; orange-braised beet salad, scalloped potatoes, & 3 more.

Sauces: Bolognese sauce, vegetarian spaghetti sauce.

Main dishes:

Beef: beef and carrot stew; beef and chickpea soup; beef stroganoff; beef teriyaki, Flemish carbonnade, goulash; layered stuffed cabbage; lime bavette rolls, and meatloaf.

Fish: seafood and fish soup with fresh herbs; steamed salmon with fennel.

Lamb: Lamb navarin; lamb shanks with prunes.

Legumes: baked beans; beef and chickpea soup; black-bean quesadillas; dahl soup; lentil stew with poached eggs; Jamaican-style red beans; vegetable and chickpea couscous.

Pasta: lasagna.
Pork: barbecued pulled pork; Bolognese sauce; layered stuffed cabbage; maple-braised pork with parsnips and potatoes; meatloaf; pork chili; pork sata; pulled pork burgers; salsa verde pork tacos; & 2 more.

Rabbit: Rabbit braised in red wine with pancetta.

Veal: Bolognese sauce; osso buco; veal cheeks with figs; port veal stew.

Vegetarian: garden ratatouille; souffleed omelette; sun-dried tomato and olive strata; tofu and vegetable curry; vegetable and chickpea couscous; and 2 others.

Desserts: apple and nut cake; bred pudding with rum sauce; brownies; cheesecake; chocolate pudding cake; crème brulee; crème caramel; lemon pudding cake; mango jam; maple baked apples; poor man’s maple pudding cake; rice pudding; sticky toffee pudding; strawberry jam; strawberry and rhubarb jam.

The author hosts several television and radio shows in Canada in English and French. Remember, all of these recipes are to be cooked in a SLOW COOKER – that is what is unusual about this book totally in English (okay, some recipe titles are in French). Choice, Choice, Choice!

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