Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two

Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two
Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two is published by in February 2015. This book has 312 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1451193343.

For a practical and insightful how-to on creating shared health care management, dive into Dyad Clinical Leadership. Offering expert guidance from a successful clinical dyad, this unique, forward-looking reference maps the way to enacting clinical co-leadership, while avoiding the pitfalls of power imbalances, communication gaps, and lack of management training.

Use the authors’ proven methods and everyday examples to create collaborative co-management among clinicians from a range of disciplines—while reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Topics include:
o History of healthcare management, leadership models and payment systems
o Integrating and maximizing the skills of clinical and nonclinical professionals
o Forming dyad-led teams and multiple partnerships: Choosing or being assigned a partner, challenges of shared leadership; essential skills; sharing power; learning dyad skills
o Handling internal team problems, dynamics and power shifts
o The next era of health care management – leadership in hospitals, units, and clinics
o “Dyads in Action” – Real-life stories in each chapter detailing examples of team-building and how different teams have dealt with dyad challenges
• Numerous dyad examples, such as CMIO and CNIO, CMO and CNO, Chief Quality Officer and CNO
• Detailed, real-world direction on creating integrated management teams – Individual roles, providing management training, choosing leaders with complementary skills, making data-driven decisions
• Discusses organizational change management models and how to enact change management, develop high-functioning, multidisciplinary teams led by dyad leaders, and use design development tools
• Theoretical management models presented within real-life co-leadership scenarios
• Excellent guide for clinical and nonclinical leaders alike, including nurses, physicians, and all those interested in the new healthcare leadership model

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