Successful Fiber Optic Installation

Successful Fiber Optic Installation
Successful Fiber Optic Installation is published by in February 2012. This book has 44 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1470012304.
The objective of this Rapid Start Guide [RSG] is to ‘jump start you’ on your path to becoming successful in fiber optic installation. This RSG will ‘jump start’ you by providing two types of information. The first type is the basic information the installer must have to get started in fiber optic installation. Without this information, the installer will have little chance of achieving the three goals of installation. The second type of information is the more subtle information that the installer must have to be consistently successful as a professional installer. In addition, this subtle information enables the installer to troubleshoot problems. As this is a Rapid Start Guide (RSG), it will provide the first type and a list of the information of the second type. See ‘Other Terms’ for a list of this subtle, but essential information. This Guide will reference the Building Wiring Standard, TIA/EIA-568-C, which is the latest version of the document used by most data network designers to design and implement their data networks.

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