Cyber Security

Cyber Security
Cyber Security is published by in September 2015. This book has 255 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1472466730.

Cyber security involves protecting organisations from cyber risks, the threats to organisations caused by digital technology. These risks can cause damage to: * organisational assets * efficiency, and * reputation. They include but are not limited to: * the theft of money from online bank accounts * the theft of personal data for fraud purposes resulting in a failure to comply with data protection laws, * deletion of data or compromise of computing machinery resulting in damage to business efficiency * damage to the organisation’s reputation caused by the hijacking of social media accounts * the loss of strategic IP such as a new design due to the loss of a mobile device, or a failure to spot counterfeit goods being sold online. Cyber security is often thought to be the domain of specialist IT professionals however, cyber risks are found across and within organisations. Unfortunately, many managers outside IT feel they are ill equipped to deal with cyber risks and the use of jargon makes the subject especially hard to understand. For this reason cyber threats are worse than they really need to be. The reality is that the threat from cyber risks is constantly growing, thus non-technical managers need to understand and manage it. As well as offering practical advice, the author guides readers through the processes that will enable them to manage and mitigate such threats and protect their organisations.

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