Expert SQL Server in-Memory OLTP

Expert SQL Server in-Memory OLTP
Expert SQL Server in-Memory OLTP is published by in September 2015. This book has 272 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1484211373.

Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP is a deep dive into one of the most significant features of SQL Server 2014 – support for In-Memory Online Transaction Processing. The book describes the architecture and internals of the In-Memory OLTP Engine and explains how to develop, deploy, and maintain systems using it. With it you can dramatically increase transactional throughput to handle thousands of transactions per second supporting millions of customers.

Dmitri Korotkevitch is the five-star author of Pro SQL Server Internals, and now brings his same combination of clear thinking and deep expertise to the question of how to recognize the opportunities and benefit from Microsoft’s In-Memory OLTP feature set in SQL Server 2014.

Learn the architecture and the internals in order to recognize when in-memory OLTP can make a difference. Learn useful scenarios for thoughtfully incorporating In-Memory support into existing applications. Recognize opportunities for In-Memory OLTP in new development. Don’t be without Dmitri Korotkevitch and the deep expertise he imparts in Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP as you move forward in using SQL Server’s new and important In-Memory OLTP feature set.

  • Covers In-Memory OLTP internals and architecture, including data storage, indexing, multi-version concurrency control, transaction logging, and recovery
  • Illustrates In-Memory OLTP programmability and the process of native compilation
  • Guides in using In-Memory OLTP in new development and existing systems.

What you’ll learn

  • Grasp the internal mechanisms underlying in-memory tables and their implementation
  • Plan successful implementations, including the required memory size and I/O configuration
  • Properly index in-memory tables, including with hash indexes and range indexes
  • Accelerate T-SQL processing through the creation of natively-compiled stored procedures
  • Control disk I/O by managing logging, checkpoint, and recovery of in-memory data
  • Monitor and report on the benefits and performance of your in-memory solutions

Who this book is for

Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP is for application developers and database administrators who create and manage online transaction processing (OLTP) systems. In particular, the book is aimed at those wanting to take advantage of SQL Server’s new offering of in-memory OLTP to dramatically improve performance and throughput of their systems.

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