High Performance Android Apps

High Performance Android Apps
High Performance Android Apps is published by in September 2015. This book has 250 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1491912515.

In a virtual sea of Android apps, the key to survival in the form of user engagement, referrals, and purchases is simple: performance and perceived speed. But building a high performance app isn’t easy in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment where new devices, platforms, and development tools are announced almost daily. This practical guide provides tools and tips that will help you take app performance to a new level.

Learn how to take a holistic approach to performance during development, rather than wait until your product has launched. Ideal for beginners to advanced Android developers, this book shows you the tools and techniques for testing performance as you build your app.

  • Walk through the use of performance tools step-by-step
  • Understand network performance, based on the author’s experience
  • Get up to speed on the basics of app security
  • Learn about ART, the Android Runtime that replaces Dalvik
  • Improve battery performance using results from Project Volta

As the Android platform pushes into new markets with Android Auto, Wear, TV, and Glass, there will be a multifold increase in the number of apps. Performance will largely determine which ones make it and which don’t. This book will help you bring focus on high performance from the beginning.

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