Architecting HBase Applications

Architecting HBase Applications
Architecting HBase Applications is published by in January 2016. This book has 300 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1491915813.

Lots of HBase books, online HBase guides, and HBase mailing lists/forums are available if you need to know how HBase works. But if you want to take a deep dive into use cases, features, and troubleshooting, Architecting HBase Applications is the right source for you.

With this book, you’ll learn a controlled set of APIs that coincide with use-case examples and easily deployed use-case models, as well as sizing/best practices to help jump start your enterprise application development and deployment.

  • Learn design patterns—and not just components—necessary for a successful HBase deployment
  • Go in depth into all the HBase shell operations and API calls required to implement documented use cases
  • Become familiar with the most common issues faced by HBase users, identify the causes, and understand the consequences
  • Learn document-specific API calls that are tricky or very important for users
  • Get use-case examples for every topic presented

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