Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines

Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines
Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines is published by in March 2015. This book has 315 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1498703086.

Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines offers a detailed discussion of different types of dual-fuel diesel engines, the gaseous fuels they can use, and their operational practices. Reflecting cutting-edge advancements in this rapidly expanding field, this timely book:

  • Explains the benefits and challenges associated with internal combustion, compression ignition, gas-fueled, and premixed dual-fuel engines
  • Explores methane and natural gas as engine fuels, as well as liquefied petroleum gases, hydrogen, and other alternative fuels
  • Examines safety considerations, combustion of fuel gases, and the conversion of diesel engines to dual-fuel operation
  • Addresses dual-fuel engine combustion, performance, knock, exhaust emissions, operational features, and management
  • Describes dual-fuel engine operation on alternative fuels and the predictive modeling of dual-fuel engine performance

Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines covers a variety of engine sizes and areas of application, with an emphasis on the transportation sector. The book provides a state-of-the-art reference for engineering students, practicing engineers, and scientists alike.

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