Wilderness and Travel Medicine

Wilderness and Travel Medicine
Wilderness and Travel Medicine is published by in March 2015. This book has 386 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1511428118.

A Minimalist Approach to Wilderness Medicine, Travel Medicine, Survival Medicine and Home Remedies

Whether it is first aid, wilderness medicine, travel medicine, survival medicine or home remedies, different scenarios call for different treatments, and this book covers them.

Note: Although this book has a minimalist approach, there is A LOT of information covering a VERY wide range of ailments.

Please LOOK INSIDE at the contents to see all the ailments/subjects covered.

A Comprehensive Wilderness and Travel Medicine Handbook With a Minimalist Approach

  • Diagnoses and treatments for a very wide range of injuries, illnesses and scenarios
  • How to improvise what you need when modern medicine is not available
  • Pharmaceuticals, medicinal plants, veterinary substitutes and other alternative remedies
  • Preventative methods so you don’t get sick/injured in the first place
  • Safe use and dosage instructions for suggestion medications
  • Sample minimalist travel-safe first aid kit

Information for each condition contains

  • A brief description about the condition
  • Symptoms that may be experienced as a result of the condition
  • Appropriate treatment(s) for the condition depending on the situation
  • Other supplementary information may also be included where applicable, e.g., causes, prevention, alternative/natural remedies, possible complications.

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