Arrays : PHP 7 Complete Guide

Arrays : PHP 7 Complete Guide
Arrays : PHP 7 Complete Guide is published by in March 2016. This book has 170 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1530140787.

Many programmers have a difficult time understanding arrays. Arrays: PHP 7 Complete Guide is a first of its kind book which provides an in-depth look at arrays. This guide does assume the user has a beginner’s understanding of the basic concepts of the PHP language. However, readers can brush up on the basics of PHP by viewing any of the many free tutorials and videos on the web. •Why do we need arrays? When do we need to use arrays? •Are arrays efficient? Can arrays reduce coding time? •When do you use multi-dimensional and associative arrays? •What is an Object Array? In addition to answering these questions, the code examples demonstrate common ‘real world’ scenarios. These examples include: •Retrieval and storage of array data from an html form •Retrieval and storage of array data from a text file •Retrieval and storage of array data from a MySQL database Complete demonstrations of inserting, appending, updating, and deleting array data are provided. Validation methods insure that the data provided by a user is ‘good’ before the data is entered into an array. PHP 7 try/catch modules are used to capture exceptions and errors that may be caused by invalid data. Over 75 PHP 7 array functions are reviewed and demonstrated in the later chapters. These brief demonstrations provide both the beginner and expert a quick reference to functions that can greatly reduce coding time and frustration.

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