CSS3 Crash Course for Web Artists

CSS3 Crash Course for Web Artists
CSS3 Crash Course for Web Artists is published by in March 2016. This book has 322 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1530533374.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), the styling language used for websites, since its inception in 1996 has come a long way. Its latest incarnation is CSS3 that is completely compatible with the earlier specifications of CSS. This book is aimed at those who just started working on web design, CSS/CSS3 programming in particular. After completing this book, you would be able to style any website using CSS3 standards.
This book will teach you to create complex layouts, effects, animations, transitions, transformations, and much more with CSS3 code. The CSS properties are explained with examples and screen captures. You will gain skills by completing the exercises provided in the book.
What are the main features of the book?
• Beautifully designed and formatted units with screen shots and illustrations to help you quickly learn CSS programming.
• Less theory more practical. Saves many hours of struggle and pain.
• The important terms are italicized and color coded so that you never miss them.
• Covers CSS3 using HTML5 template.
• Additional information in form of tip, and notes.
• Color PDF of images used in the book.
• 10 units written in an easy to understand language.
• 200+ code listings, and 15 hands-on exercises.
• 30+ exercises for practice.
• Full source code included.
• Self-Evaluation Test and certificate of completion.
More Info: bit.ly/css3crashcourse

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