Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes
Shipping Container Homes is published by in April 2016. This book has 138 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1530922635.
Shipping Container Homes: Steps and tips on How You Can Build a Shipping Container Home Quickly and Save Money A gorgeous, custom-built, eco-friendly home for a fraction of the price-It sounds too good to be true but when it comes to building with shipping containers, that dream can quickly and affordably become a reality! Thousands are joining the shipping container home movement and learning about the amazing benefits of these strong, secure, cost-effective and beautiful homes. This comprehensive guide presents various aspects of building container homes, helping you to navigate through the details of container home building, from the initial planning through to the successful creation of your very own shipping container home. In this book you’ll find: • Why YOU should be living in a shipping container home • How building with containers can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars! • The biggest mistakes first time container home builders make and how you can avoid them • How you can get your hands on the very best containers at the lowest prices • Detailed guides to laying your foundation, insulating your home and much more • Checklists, tips and strategies to make your home building process a breeze Don’t miss out on the shipping container home movement. Grab this guide and find out how you too can spend less and live large!

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