Data Analytics for Beginners

Data Analytics for Beginners
Data Analytics for Beginners is published by in November 2016. This book has 86 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1539896739.

Data Analytics is the most powerful tool to analyze today’s business environment and to predict future developments.

Is it not the dream of every business owner to know exactly what the customer will buy in 6 months or what the new product hype will look like in your OWN industry?

Data Analytics is the tool that will bring you answers to these questions.

Here’s why Data Analytics for Beginners will bring your business to a complete new level:

  • How you can use data analytics to improve your business
  • How to plan data analysis to know exactly what your target group wants
  • How to implement descriptive analysis
  • You will learn the exact techniques that are required to master Data Analytics

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