Label 228 A Street Art Project

Label 228 A Street Art Project
Label 228 A Street Art Project is published by in September 2009. This book has 228 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1593762490.

Label 228 is a gathering of street art executed on priority mail labels (Label 228, in official parlance) and displayed in public spaces. It’s a remarkably prevalent method of exposure featured by graffiti artists worldwide. These labels are free, portable, and quick and easy to exhibit, offering artists the chance to spend more time creating their work than if they were to paint and write directly on walls, vehicles, and public objects.

camden noir launched his Label 228 project by putting out a call to artists, asking them to send him their artwork or anything, for that matter, on priority mail labels. Within six months, he received over 500 labels from artists all over the world. At this point, he has over 1,500 labels from over 600 artists. This is a collection of the best of those labels, in a beautiful, full-color book.

The artists featured in Label 228 include Mecro, Downtimer, Mat Curran, Daniel Fleres, Zoso, Aaron Kraten, Lightsleepers, David Flores, Matt Linares, Kegr, Josh Taylor, Robots Will Kill!, Nano, Dolla, and many more.

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