Applied Methodologies in Polymer Research and Technology

Applied Methodologies in Polymer Research and Technology
Applied Methodologies in Polymer Research and Technology is published by in October 2014. This book has 260 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1771880404.

This book covers a broad range of polymeric materials and provides industry professionals and researchers in polymer science and technology with a single, comprehensive book summarizing all aspects involved in the functional materials production chain.

This volume presents the latest developments and trends in advanced polymer materials and structures. It discusses the developments of advanced polymers and respective tools to characterize and predict the material properties and behavior. This book has an important role in advancing polymer materials in macro and nanoscale. Its aim is to provide original, theoretical, and important experimental results that use non-routine methodologies. It also includes chapters on novel applications of more familiar experimental techniques and analyses of composite problems that indicate the need for new experimental approaches.

This new book:

• Provides a collection of articles that highlight some important areas of current interest in key polymeric materials and technology

• Gives an up-to-date and thorough exposition of the present state of the art of key polymeric materials and technology

• Describes the types of techniques now available to the engineers and technicians and discusses their capabilities, limitations, and applications

• Provides a balance between materials science and chemical aspects, basic and applied research

• Focuses on topics with more advanced methods

• Emphasizes precise mathematical development and actual experimental details

• Explains modification methods for changing of different materials properties

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