Air Warfare: History, Theory and Practice

Air Warfare: History, Theory and Practice
Air Warfare: History, Theory and Practice is published by in November 2015. This book has 208 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1780936192.

Air Warfare provides an introduction to the subject’s theory, history and practice. As well as delivering an up to date look at the strategy, and historiography of air power, Peter Gray explores the theories behind air power and looks at the political, legal and moral dimensions of the application of air power. Topics covered include:

– Key military strategists and their legacy
– Air power’s strategic effects
– Leadership, management and command
– Tactics, technology and operations

The book draws on primary sources including official narratives and published reports, examines key thinkers in the study of air power, and discusses topics such as concepts of warfare as an art or science, cultural perceptions of air power, and the experience of being an airman. With its broad scope and thorough coverage of a range of key topics, Air Warfare takes air power beyond the study of individual campaigns, or controversies, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to air power studies.

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