Raspberry Pi Ultimate Guide

Raspberry Pi Ultimate Guide
Raspberry Pi Ultimate Guide is published by in January 2014. This book has 164 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1781063125.

Raspberry Pi for Beginners aims to help you get start as a coder by encouraging you to creat your own programs. We cover just the theory you must know and then put those concepts to woek in building two games – one simple and one more complex.
Why games? Because they’re great way to learn programming: they’re fun, you get to play them, and they include all the ingredients common to most coding projects, from software unities to rebotic control. They can also lead to a great carrer as a games programmer.
But the real power of the Raspberry Pi is in ability to connect with the real world – and this, along with its compact size, low cost and modest power requipments, makes it ideal for both mobile and remote purposes.
So in this book we also show you how to creat an independent weather station that can be sited anywhere that has power and Wi-Fi. It’s a great thing to do, and could open your mind to all sorts of possibilities. How about sending the Pi into space; using it as a CCTV controller; configuring it as the brains of a robot; or even using it to control home appliances?
So let’s get started. Fasten your scat belt and welcome to the world of coders, tinherers, makers and rocket scientists.

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