Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing

Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing
Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing is published by in May 2013. This book has 294 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1782160106.

Cloud computing is changing the way IT is delivered in enterprises around the world. The world’s leading open source cloud computing platform, Cloudstack, helps you implement a cloud computing service in your enterprise or set up an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering for your customer.

With “Apache Cloudstack Cloud Computing”, learn the leading open source cloud computing platform in an easy step-by-step approach, from understanding the basics of setting up an infrastructure as a service cloud to actual deployment scenarios and extensibility features of CloudStack.

“Apache Cloudstack Cloud Computing” will help you learn how to create, manage, and automate the provisioning, decommissioning, and other tasks of your IT infrastructure resources and manage your data centre(s). Add IT infrastructure resources like storage, network resources, and hosts to CloudStack to manage the entire data centre and logically segregate the resources to help better manage and provide policy-based user access to the cloud.

Then the book will show you how to deploy the CloudStack environment in a highly available fashion and deploy your own IT resources, such as VMs, in a highly available scenario to prevent downtime and non-interrupted service.

What you will learn from this book

  • Learn about the technicalities behind the setting up of clouds and providing IT infrastructure as a service using the leading open source cloud platform, CloudStack.
  • Take advantage and learn about the open source technology, CloudStack.
  • Install, configure, and add resources to CloudStack and manage them.
  • Configure different types of hypervisors and add hosts, storage, networks, and create a logical segregation of your data centre(s) to manage it (or them) easily.
  • Learn about the various types of network configuration and how to provide network as a service in cloud with different types of networking service.
  • Organize secure access in the cloud and learn about the importance of role-based access mechanisms in the cloud.
  • Extend and troubleshoot CloudStack as well as optimizing the resource usage and thus reducing costs.

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