Effective Gradle Implementation [Video]

Effective Gradle Implementation [Video]
Effective Gradle Implementation [Video] is published by in August 2014. This book has 187 mins pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1782167662.

Gradle is a tool to create applications by automating the building, testing, publishing, and deployment phases of developing software. It is more flexible than Ant and has better dependency management than Maven, making it a very commonly used tool today.

This course will show you how to use Gradle effectively and will help you overcome these issues with the build tool called Gradle. The authors, Ryan and Lee, will take the user from a point of having just a basic development background to being able to implement Gradle in a variety of languages, utilizing Gradle in some beneficial ways including continuous integration and artifact management.

You will learn to build and deploy your code effectively. Gradle is quickly becoming the de facto build tool for Java, Groovy, C++, and other platforms, and is rapidly replacing Maven and Ant systems. Learn how to integrate your IDE, leverage Ant or Maven build assets, deploy artifacts, and integrate with continuous integration servers. You can follow along with step-by-step instructions for the most common IDEs, programming languages, and artifact servers to implement.

You will leave the course feeling like you have a good handle on Gradle and confident to begin planning and building your implementation.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a build.gradle file and manage build dependencies
  • Integrate Gradle with popular IDEs such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, and Netbeans
  • Build Java, Scala, and Groovy applications with Gradle
  • Implement C/C++ and JavaScript applications with Gradle
  • Utilize Gradle within a Continuous Integration Loop
  • Integrate Gradle with Artifact Management
  • Incorporate external dependencies such as Maven and Ivy repositories

Who This Video Is For

If you are a developer, devops engineer, build engineer, or IT administrator and wish to effectively implement Gradle in your projects, this course is for you. The course takes you through the installation process and how to set up your projects followed by dependency management, IDE integration, and plugin implementations. You also learn to deploy and publish your application. Basic Java development knowledge is a prerequisite.

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