WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration

WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration
WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration is published by in November 2014. This book has 402 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1783286232.

WildFly 8 is a modular, lightweight, Java EE-compliant application server. Application deployment and management is simplified with WildFly’s centralized and easy-to-use administration interface. It supports high availability and latest web technologies, such as web sockets and a non-blocking API. There was previously a lack of a system-administration-free platform that allowed the scaling of Java EE applications, but WildFly 8 in combination with OpenShift fills that gap.

The book starts with an explanation of the installation of WildFly and application server configuration. Then, it moves on to the configuration of enterprise services and also explores the new web container Undertow. It then covers domain configuration, application deployment, and application server management. By the end of the book, you will have a firm grasp of all the important aspects of clustering, load balancing, and WildFly security. This guide is invaluable for anyone who works with or is planning to switch to WildFly.

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at Java developers, system administrators, application testers using WildFly, and anyone who performs a DevOps role. Whether you are completely new to WildFly or just require an understanding of WildFly’s new features, this book is for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how to install, start, and stop your WildFly server, and gain an understanding of the WildFly modular infrastructure
  • Configure WildFly’s services such as transactions, threads, logging, Enterprise Java Beans, and Java Message Service
  • Set up the Undertow web server
  • Deploy applications on WildFly using various deployment strategies
  • Use JBoss’ cloud platform OpenShift to simplify the deployment and management of applications
  • Manage the application server using the command-line interface and the admin console
  • Improve scalability by configuring high availability, clustering, and load balancing
  • Secure your WildFly server and enterprise application components using a number of authentication mechanisms

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