Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development : Books + Codes

Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development : Books + Codes
Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development : Books + Codes is published by in August 2014. This book has 362 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1783287796.

Mastering Eclipse Plug-in Development shows you how to build an extensible application using custom extension points and dynamic OSGi services in Eclipse. Dynamic design patterns such as whiteboard and extender are covered along with specific techniques to deal with native and legacy code.

This book dives right into the details and teaches you how to define new JFace wizards and extend Eclipse with custom extension points. Then the book moves quickly on to the details of how to define new commands for the Eclipse console and how to include native code in a plug-in. You will engage with modular application design patterns and Thread Context ClassLoaders before getting the details on how to create as well as manage P2 sites and write help documentation for an Eclipse plug-in.

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Java developer who is familiar with the Eclipse plug-in environment, this book covers the advanced concepts that you need to know to achieve true expertise. Prior experience in creating Eclipse plug-ins is assumed for this book.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a custom extension point to allow other plug-ins to contribute
  • Employ Declarative Services and Blueprint for dynamic OSGi contributions
  • Extend the Common Navigator Framework to provide nested content
  • Build commands to extend the built-in Gogo shell
  • Use fragments to contribute native code to plug-ins
  • Fix code using the service loader and wrap non-OSGi-friendly JARs
  • Discover how to build modular applications with decoupled design patterns

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