Web Design Blueprints

Web Design Blueprints
Web Design Blueprints is published by in May 2016. This book has 150 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1783552115.

The book delivers simple instructions on how to design and build modern Web using the latest trends in web development. You will learn how to design responsive websites, created with modern Flat User Interface design patterns, build deep-scrolling websites with parallax 3D effects, and roll-your-own single-page applications. Finally, you’ll work through an awesome chapter that combines them all.

Each chapter features actual lines of code that you can apply right away.

What You Will Learn

  • Find out how to create responsive websites
  • Create websites using the principals of Flat design
  • Create deep-dive sites using parallax scrolling
  • Discover how to use Ajax in single-page applications
  • Create responsive navigation with CSS and JavaScript
  • Create responsive padding with the box model property

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