Mastering PrimeFaces [Video]

Mastering PrimeFaces [Video]
Mastering PrimeFaces [Video] is published by in March 2015. This book has 5 Hours 4 mins pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1783988068.

The PrimeFaces framework is one of the most widely used and full-featured JSF component libraries available. The framework includes a large number of custom components that are easy to incorporate into new and existing JSF applications. PrimeFaces also makes it easy to build rich user interfaces via the use of a customizable dialog framework, easy-to-use Ajax, and the ability to work with UI components with markup or Java code.

Mastering PrimeFaces will take viewers on a whirlwind tour of the custom component library. Viewers will see components in action, and learn to build a custom Java EE application. We will walk through the development of a Java EE application using PrimeFaces components for both desktop and mobile.. After watching the videos, you’ll be able to comfortably develop JSF applications along with the PrimeFaces framework.

This course begins by explaining how to incorporate PrimeFaces into your new or existing Java EE project. It uses the NetBeans IDE to build a full-featured Java EE application from the ground up, using PrimeFaces components and framework features. During the initial sections, you will learn how to construct intuitive layouts and input forms to capture data, then present the captured data and edit it with the highly customizable DataTable. You will also learn how to export data into different formats and how to make lists of values to make data entry a breeze.

Next you will learn how to provide useful feedback to users with the PrimeFaces dialog framework and charts.
You’ll also learn how to construct visual menus, as well as contextual menus alike Then you’ll dive into the PrimeFaces Ajax framework that allows data to seamlessly flow between the client and server.
In the end you’ll learn how to take your application anywhere using PrimeFaces mobile and PrimeFaces Push for notifications. And last but not least, the PrimeFaces Extensions project and its benefits.

What You Will Learn

  • Master the art of developing sophisticated user interfaces for the web browser
  • Construct intuitive data applications to assimilate and display user data
  • Utilize client-side validation to improve data integrity and user experience
  • Develop powerful DataTables to view, edit, and delete data
  • Export data from your application tables to various formats
  • Enhance the functionality of your application using wizards, schedules, trees, and other complex data controls
  • Draw visually appealing and interactive dashboards consisting of area, bar, pie, and line charts
  • Create mobile views and navigational capabilities in your application with PrimeFaces mobile

Who This Video Is For

Mastering PrimeFaces is perfect for those who are familiar with or are currently using JSF to build JavaEE applications. Viewers should have a fair understanding of the fundamentals of JSF and have the ability to create applications using the standard components. This video is targeted towards those who are interested in taking JSF to the next level and developing highly sophisticated web applications.

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