Rapid PrimeFaces [Video]

Rapid PrimeFaces [Video]
Rapid PrimeFaces [Video] is published by in December 2014. This book has 75 minutes pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784391102.

Any JSF developer who discovers PrimeFaces will tell you that it was love at first sight. Inevitably, PrimeFaces is perceived through JSF eyes, and this perspective acts as a magnifying glass for PrimeFaces features, such as more components, an amazing look and feel, finely grained AJAX capabilities, support for themes, powerful integration with JSF, and ease of use. You may think that PrimeFaces just fills in some JSF gaps, but once you get familiar with it, you will understand that PrimeFaces is much more than that. PrimeFaces is a simple and handy tool used to create heavy and complex applications.

This video course teaches you how to develop a complete web application using the PrimeFaces framework. The application shapes a virtual photo gallery, which is designed to cover a wide range of PrimeFaces features.

This video course has a simple structure. We start with an overview of PrimeFaces and then continue with the development of a complete web application. The application development starts by setting up a PrimeFaces theme and adding a page layout. We continue by adding the necessary PrimeFaces components (DataTable, Upload, Galleria, and so on). Once the components are in place, we focus on the server-side where we “give life” to these components. At the end, we perform some application tests and pull some final conclusions.

Rapid PrimeFaces is ready to take you into the PrimeFaces world where, as a JSF developer, you will find the perfect development environment for JSF-based applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover what PrimeFaces is and why is it useful to any JSF developer
  • Develop a PrimeFaces-based application using NetBeans
  • Configure PrimeFaces in an application based on local JARs as well as on Maven
  • Configure a PrimeFaces theme to make the application more visually pleasing
  • Work with the PageLayout and DataTable components to enhance the look of the application
  • Integrate the FileUpload component and add the Galleria component for a cool slide show
  • Monitor the application’s requests and status using AJAX

Who This Video Is For

If you are a JSF developer who wants to really boost your applications, then this course is for you. This course assumes you have good grasp over Java and you want to enhance your applications using PrimeFaces.

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