Appium Essentials

Appium Essentials
Appium Essentials is published by in February 2015. This book has 128 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784392482.

Nowadays, mobile automation is growing at a fast pace; this is where Appium comes in. It is a tool that performs automated mobile testing for Android and iOS.

Appium Essentials is a practical guide that will help you to perform mobile automation testing and gain a good understanding of mobile automation concepts. This book will teach you how to use Appium drives on native, web-based, and hybrid apps.

You will then explore Appium usage with different mobile applications, get acquainted with using an emulator to automate mobile apps, and learn about mobile gestures such as tap, zoom, and swipe. Finally, you will test your apps on a physical device and experience the look and feel of an end user!

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for automation testers and developers who want to enhance their skills from web-based automation to mobile application automation using Appium. Basic knowledge of mobile application testing, Selenium WebDriver, and programming is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the desired capabilities that need to be acquired before starting Appium
  • Get to know and use the settings that are required to automate mobile applications
  • Interact with mobile applications by identifying elements using different locator strategies and techniques
  • Install mobile apps onto an emulator/simulator or a real device using Appium scripts
  • Test scripts written to automate applications
  • Configure mobile devices and perform automation testing on them
  • Explore the advanced features of Appium such as scroll, zoom, and swipe

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