Backbone.js Essentials

Backbone.js Essentials
Backbone.js Essentials is published by in May 2015. This book has 151 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784394790.

This book offers insight into creating and maintaining dynamic Backbone.js web applications. It delves into the the fundamentals of Backbone.js and helps you achieve mastery of the Backbone library.

Starting with Models and Collections, you’ll learn how to simplify client-side data management and easily transmit data to and from your server. Next, you’ll learn to use Views and Routers to facilitate DOM manipulation and URL control so that your visitors can navigate your entire site without ever leaving the first HTML page. Finally, you’ll learn how to combine those building blocks with other tools to achieve high-performance, testable, and maintainable web applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Architect a single-page web application using Backbone.js
  • Easily transmit data to and from a server-side API (RESTful or not) using Backbone’s Models and Classes
  • Add and modify DOM elements with Backbone Views, and create browsable client-side pages with Routers
  • Document your Backbone.js logic, with or without popular tools such as JSDoc or Docco, to ensure long-term maintainability
  • Prevent bugs and ease refactoring by testing your code with frameworks such as QUnit, Mocha, or Buster and auxiliary tools such as Sinon
  • Use Backbone.js’s sister library, Underscore, to realize the full power of a Backbone application
  • Explore advanced Backbone techniques and save time and effort by using the most powerful third-party tools available

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer with baseline JavaScript proficiency and are familiar with the jQuery library, then this book is ideal for you. Whether you’ve tried building complex web applications before and been frustrated by the challenge of doing so without the proper tools, or whether you’ve only built simple websites and are now looking to create full-featured web applications, this book has everything you need to get ahead of the curve.

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