Embedded Linux Projects Using Yocto Project Cookbook

Embedded Linux Projects Using Yocto Project Cookbook
Embedded Linux Projects Using Yocto Project Cookbook is published by in March 2015. This book has 225 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784395186.

The embedded Linux world is standardizing around Yocto Project as the best integration framework to create reliable embedded Linux products. Yocto Project effectively shortens the time it takes to develop and maintain an embedded Linux product, and it increases its reliability and robustness by using proven and tested components.

This book begins with the installation of a professional embedded Yocto setup, then advises you on best practices, and finally explains how to quickly get hands on with the Freescale ARM ecosystem and community layer, using the affordable and open source Wandboard embedded board.

What You Will Learn

  • Optimize your Yocto setup to speed up development and debug build issues
  • Introduce development workflows for the U-Boot and the Linux kernel, including debugging and optimization methodologies
  • Customize your root filesystem with both already supported and new Yocto packages
  • Understand the open source licensing requirements and how to comply with them when cohabiting with proprietary programs
  • Bring professional embedded Yocto products to market in a timely manner
  • Optimize your production systems by reducing the size of both the Linux kernel and root filesystems

Who This Book Is For

If you are an embedded developer learning about embedded Linux with some experience with the Yocto project, this book is the ideal way to become proficient and broaden your knowledge with examples that are immediately applicable to your embedded developments. Experienced embedded Yocto developers will find new insight into working methodologies and ARM specific development competence.

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