Introducing Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner [Video]

Introducing Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner [Video]
Introducing Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner [Video] is published by in June 2015. This book has 1 hour pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784396176.

Web developers today are looking to create reusable workflows and development tools in JavaScript that will dramatically streamline development. Grunt helps you achieve that and more. In addition to being able to run custom commands easily, Grunt makes your web development experience very rewarding by reacting whenever a file is changed and performs the actions needed.

This course will help in all aspects of development, from writing better code to deploying compact production packages.

You’ll start with a simple Grunt file and move on to building a fully functional workflow and deployment system. You’ll learn how to deal with simple tasks such as renaming, moving, and combining files, before moving on to more complex activities such as creating concise and compact deployment packages. You’ll learn how to create a basic file then build upon it by adding modules to achieve various levels of automation that were previously difficult to attain. Next, you’ll learn to use a range of plugins to achieve concatenation, image minification, and create responsive images. Before we reach the end, you will learn to compile many types of languages and then will test your code using multiple testing frameworks such as JSLint, PhantomJS, and Behat. Finally, you’ll be introduced to some advanced uses of Grunt involving custom command-line commands you want to use.

Once you are done with this course, developing workflows will be a breeze for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Grunt targets to get different output for different situations with a simple flag
  • Play with plugins such as grunt-contrib-concat, imagemin, and more to add a variety of functionalities to your app
  • Run three different kinds of tests: JS syntax tests, JS unit tests, and Behat behavioral tests
  • Define the look of your apps by using the Grunt compass to compile your CSS
  • Integrate Git with Grunt to manage unstaged commits effectively
  • Use Drush to run any custom command you want in Grunt, even if there is no plugin for it

Who This Video Is For

This video is for web developers of all types, whether you’re a Rails developer who needs help validating your JavaScript, a web designer who needs to ensure you have properly optimized and sized images for delivery to the content team, or simply want to get a notification when your CoffeeScript has finished compiling. A basic understanding of JavaScript will be needed for the advanced concepts.

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