Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide

Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide
Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide is published by in December 2014. This book has 160 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1784399313.

Deliver quality software regularly and painlessly by adopting CD and DevOps

About This Book

  • Use DevOps and the Continuous Delivery approach to identify the underlying problems that can stifle the delivery of quality software and overcome them
  • Learn how Continuous Delivery and DevOps work together with other agile tools
  • A guide full of illustrations and best practices to help you consistently ship quality software

Who This Book Is For

If you are an IT professional, software developer, or system administrator who wants to understand how to ship quality software regularly, effectively and efficiently, this book is for you. Previous knowledge of DevOps practices, Continuous Delivery, or using DevOps tools is not necessary.

In Detail

Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps are fast becoming the next big thing(s) in relation to the delivery and support of software.

This updated edition provides you with a clear and concise insight in to what CD and DevOps are all about, how to go about preparing for and implementing them, and what quantifiable business value they bring.

You will be guided through the various stages of CD and DevOps adoption, the impact they will have on you and your business, how you can overcome common problems, and what to do once CD and DevOps have become embedded in your ways of working.

Included within are some real-world examples, tricks, tips, and observations that should help ease the adoption and allow you to fully utilize CD and DevOps to deliver quality software.

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