Splunk Best Practices

Splunk Best Practices
Splunk Best Practices is published by in September 2016. This book has 244 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1785281396.
Design, implement, and publish custom Splunk applications by following best practices About This Book This is the most up-to-date guide on the market and will help you finish your tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. Highly practical guide that addresses common and not-so-common pain points in Splunk. Want to explore shortcuts to perform tasks more efficiently with Splunk? This is the book for you! Who This Book Is For This book is for administrators, developers, and search ninjas who have been using Splunk for some time. A comprehensive coverage makes this book great for Splunk veterans and newbies alike. What You Will Learn Use Splunk effectively to gather, analyze, and report on operational data throughout your environment Expedite your reporting, and be empowered to present data in a meaningful way Create robust searches, reports, and charts using Splunk Modularize your programs for better reusability. Build your own Splunk apps and learn why they are important Learn how to integrate with enterprise systems Summarize data for longer term trending, reporting, and analysis In Detail This book will give you an edge over others through insights that will help you in day-to-day instances. When you’re working with data from various sources in Splunk and performing analysis on this data, it can be a bit tricky. With this book, you will learn the best practices of working with Splunk. You’ll learn about tools and techniques that will ease your life with Splunk, and will ultimately save you time. In some cases, it will adjust your thinking of what Splunk is, and what it can and cannot do. To start with, you’ll get to know the best practices to get data into Splunk, analyze data, and package apps for distribution. Next, you’ll discover the best practices in logging, operations, knowledge management, searching, and reporting. To finish off, we will teach you how to troubleshoot Splunk searches, as well as deployment

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