Oracle API Management 12c Implementation

Oracle API Management 12c Implementation
Oracle API Management 12c Implementation is published by in September 2015. This book has 250 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1785283635.

Oracle SOA Governance is a comprehensive, service-orientated governance solution that is designed to make the transition to SOA easier. API management is the discipline that governs the software development lifecycle of APIs. It defines the tools and processes needed to build, publish and operate APIs including the management of the community of developers around it.

This book illustrates how to successfully implement API Management in your organization. To achieve this, the importance of defining an API management strategy and implementation roadmap so that capabilities are implemented in the right order and timeframes is described.

It starts by describing all of the fundamental concepts around API Management and related disciplines such as SOA Governance and DevOps in order to dispel the confusion surrounding these topics.

The book then takes you on the journey of implementing API Management, using a realistic case study of an organization that needs an API Management solution. You will start by identifying the key business drivers to implement APIs and then create an API Management strategy and a roadmap to realize this strategy.

You’ll then go through a number of use cases, each focused on addressing specific business requirements. These will help you understand each of the Oracle API Management products, how they fit into an overall architecture, and how to implement them.

The book concludes by providing some tips and guidelines around defining a deployment topology for the Oracle API Management products and the steps to install them.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Technical Architects, and SOA and API consultants who want to successfully implement API Management using the Oracle API Management Solution products.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to manage a set of APIs
  • Discover the differences and similarities between API Management and SOA Governance, and where and how these two disciplines converge into Application Services Governance (ASG)
  • Grasp information about ASG and how to define an ASG governance framework
  • Understand the challenges for organizations looking to expose APIs to the external world. Identify common scenarios and how to solve them
  • Define an Oracle API management deployment topology
  • Install and configure Oracle API Catalog (OAC), Oracle API Manager (OAPIM), and Oracle API Gateway (OAG)
  • Learn about API subscriptions and API community management with the OAPIM portal
  • Implement Oracle API Manager (OAPIM) including creation, publishing, management and deprecation of APIs

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