Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems

Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems
Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems is published by in September 2016. This book has 280 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1785610530. Internet of Things (IoT) is the emerging global interconnection of billions of “smart” devices. It is collecting a growing amount of private and sensitive data about our lives, and requires increasing degrees of reliability and trustworthiness in terms of the levels of assurance provided with respect to confidentiality, integrity and availability. This important book examines these important security considerations for the IoT, covering topics including federated identity management in IoT systems; security policies and access control; formal models and foundations of the IoT; verification and analysis of security properties in the IoT; secure IoT architectures, protocols and platforms; model driven security engineering of IoT systems; security-driven analytics of big IoT generated datasets; security patterns and standards for the IoT; and privacy and anonymity in IoT systems.

With contributions from an international team of experts in the field, this is essential reading for academic researchers and researchers working in industry who are interested in the topic of security in the context of IoT and large scale systems. It will also be an invaluable resource for advanced students in these areas; and professional managers and members of technical standardization bodies.

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