Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook
Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook is published by in February 2017. This book has 440 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1786464910.

Infrastructure as code is transforming the way we solve infrastructural challenges. This book will show you how to make managing servers in the cloud faster, easier and more effective than ever before. With over 90 practical recipes for success, make the very most out of IAC.

The Infrastructure as Code Cookbook is for DevOps engineers and developers working in cross-functional teams or operations. If you’re looking for help switching to IAC to manage complex infrastructures, look no further.

With this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Provisioning local and remote development environments with Vagrant
  • Automating production infrastructures with Terraform, Ansible and Cloud-init on AWS, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more
  • Bringing down your delivery timeline from days to hours by treating your server configurations and VMs as code, just like you would with software code
  • Managing and testing automated systems using Chef and Puppet
  • Using code to provision and deploy servers and applications and have greater control of your infrastructure
  • Building, shipping, and debugging optimized Docker containers
  • Exploring the best practices to automate and test everything from cloud infrastructures to operating system configuration
  • Taking knowledge with existing tools (Puppet, Chef, or Docker) to the next level

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