Roslyn Cookbook

Roslyn Cookbook
Roslyn Cookbook is published by in September 2017. This book has 322 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1787286832.

Open-sourcing the C# and Visual Basic compilers is one of the most appreciated things by the .NET community, especially as it exposes rich code analysis APIs to analyze and edit code. If you want to use Roslyn API to write powerful extensions and contribute to the C# developer tool chain, then this book is for you. Additionally, if you are just a .NET developer and want to use this rich Roslyn-based functionality in Visual Studio to improve the code quality and maintenance of your code base, then this book is also for you.

Who This Book Is For

.NET Developers and architects, who are interested in taking full advantage of the Roslyn based extensions and tools to improve the development processes, will find this book useful. Roslyn contributors, i.e. the producers and C# community developers, will also find this book useful

What You Will Learn

  • Write extensions to analyze source code and report warnings and errors.
  • Edit C# source code to fix compiler/analyzer diagnostics or refactor source code.
  • Improve code maintenance and readability by using analyzers and code fixes.
  • Catch security and performance issues by using PUMA scan analyzers and FxCop analyzers.
  • Perform Live Unit tests in Visual Studio.
  • Use C# interactive and scripting in Visual Studio.
  • Design a new C# language feature and implement various compiler phases for a new language feature.
  • Write command line tools to analyze and edit C# code.

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