Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera

Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera
Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera is published by in May 2014. This book has 226 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1909455047.

The best underwater images don’t just capture the subject well, they also capture mood, emotion and atmosphere. Unlike most other underwater photography books, Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera focuses on composition and techniques rather than the all-­consuming camera technology that people tend to chase first. This makes it a supremely cost-effective tool for improving images; and there is no discrimination between users of different camera systems - this truly is a book for all. International award winner and instructor Paul Colley shows the short cuts and vital bits of artistic theory as it applies to underwater photography and composition is dealt with in much greater depth than in other books. He also includes easy-to-remember reference models for underwater composition: pre-planned concepts for twelve typical underwater scenes, with the principal considerations boiled down to those essentials that will help you achieve great results, time and again. “This book will arm and inspire you to transform your underwater photographs, whatever camera you use”: Alex Mustard (from the Foreword). “Generously open about his approach to taking underwater photographs, subsequent management and post production… to be congratulated”: Brian Pitkin, President of the British Society of Underwater Photographers.

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