XDoclet in Action

XDoclet in Action
XDoclet in Action is published by in December 2003. This book has 600 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1932394054.

A guide to the new XDoclet development tool that eliminates programming busy work by automatically generating code and other deployment artifacts, this book enables developers who place metadata in a single source code file to use XDoclet to generate additional source code and other files that are required in a project. Both smaller code examples and a full-scale J2EE example illustrate everything needed to employ XDoclet code generation into a development cycle. In addition to the typical uses of XDoclet in J2EE development, the uses of XDoclet with non-J2EE technologies such as JDO, Hibernate, JMX, SOAP, and MockObjects are also detailed. Information on how to extend XDoclet to generate practically any code a programmer is furnished.

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