Propagation Phenomena in Real World Networks

Propagation Phenomena in Real World Networks
Propagation Phenomena in Real World Networks is published by in March 2015. This book has 364 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-3319159157.

“Propagation, which looks at spreading in complex networks, can be seen from many viewpoints; it is undesirable, or desirable, controllable, the mechanisms generating that propagation can be the topic of interest, but in the end all depends on the setting. This book covers leading research on a wide spectrum of propagation phenomenon and the techniques currently used in its modelling, prediction, analysis and control. Fourteen papers range over topics including epidemic models, models for trust inference, coverage strategies for networks, vehicle flow propagation, bio-inspired routing algorithms, P2P botnet attacks and defences, fault propagation in gene-cellular networks, malware propagation for mobile networks, information propagation in crisis situations, financial contagion in interbank networks, and finally how to maximize the spread of influence in social networks. The compendium will be of interest to researchers, those working in social networking, communications and finance and is aimed at providing a base point for further studies on current research. Above all, by bringing together research from such diverse fields, the book seeks to cross-pollinate ideas, and give the reader a glimpse of the breath of current research.”

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