International Medical Graduate Physicians

International Medical Graduate Physicians
International Medical Graduate Physicians is published by in September 2016. This book has 332 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-3319394589.

Many thousands of international graduate physicians from diverse medical specialties serve the health care needs of the United States, and one-in-four psychiatry residents are international medical graduates.  International Medical Graduate Physicians: A Guide to Training was created by prominent leaders in academic psychiatry to support the success of these international medical graduate physicians as they complete their clinical training and enter the physician workforce in this country.  This insightful title has been developed as a valuable resource, filled with key information and personal narratives, to foster optimal wellbeing and decisionmaking of IMG physicians as they navigate their careers.  The text is thorough in scope and replete with perspectives, reflections, and tailored guidance for the reader.  Many of the chapters are based on the direct and diverse life experiences of the authors.  A unique and thoughtful contribution to the literature, this Guide will be of great value to international physicians and to their teachers and supervisors in psychiatry as well as other specialties of medicine.

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